We are a full service shop. We will not quit until you are happy with us. Getting your machine started is just the beginning

We have tune up specials, do general repairs, both on four stroke machines, as well as the two cycle equipment as well. We buy and sell used lawn equipment.  We also do ATV's and dirt bikes we do  welding, and if you would like, we can rebuild  your engine. We can pick up and deliver. Our work is warranteed.  We love landscapers here!    And by the way, for all you landscapers we are open to do emergency repairs on the road.  On sunday!   You pay extra for this service.  But sometimes you just gotta do it.   Also, we are certainly highly qualified at what we do.  You are in good hands. 

A  FULL SERVICE INCLUDES:: Check the charging system. Check the battery. Clean battery terminals. Change the spark plugs. Change the oil and the oil filter. Change the fuel filter. Change the air filters. Sharpen the blades. Lube the grease points. Air the tires. Check the level of the deck. Scrape the bottom of the deck.. Tighten loose fasteners. Check the lights. Check the belts for wear. Check the pulleys for the drive and mower deck. Check and clean the engine cooling fins. Check for leaks. clean the grass off the deck and clean the machine. Over all check of all functions of the machine including the reverse mow function and all the safety switches. Check the front end bushings for wear.