Hi I'm Lenny. I can fix your power equipment. Any Type!

Briggs and Stratton Master tech. 30 yrs experience. If you can break it, I can fix it Guaranteed. Full service shop!

Small Engine Repair

From tune ups to engine overhauls we got the guys to do it! At L A IKE getting it started is just the beginning!

Allow me to introduce myself

Hello Everyone.  When I started this business in 2020 I was just a mechanic who wanted to start a little business repairing power equipment.   I had no Idea where it would go, or how I would do.  I worked my butt off to get off the ground.  I built a little shop out back behing my house,  bought a lift for working on machines. I already had the necessary tools from years of working in the shops.  I worked by myself for a while.  Then when I needed some help, a young man came in and applied for a job.  Turns out this young man is a great mechanic!  Jeffrey is his name and him and I have created a great working relationship, and have run the business together for the past three years.  We shared the same values:  Do good work,   always be nice to customers,  and stand behind our work.  We truly have a passion for this operation, and we are always looking for ways to improve.

   We started with one building, and have since added a second building.  We now have two big bays in which to do the work.  We worked long hours, just the two of us, becaue we could not find another qualified mechanic to help out.   We did not want to hire someone just for the sake of having the third guy.  We've tried a few people, but none could do the job the way we wanted.  The second shop sat empty, waiting for someone to fill the void.

   After three years I am learning how to run the business better.  We also built up the two shops so that we can compete with all the Bigger shops.  We are a unique shop.  We do not sell a line of equipment, although we do sell a lot of used equipment here.  We work out of my house:  The garage was turned into an office.  We provide a road to the back of the property where the two shops are.  Now we can do any job here, as good or better than the shops, and we are always busy!   We have great ratings and the business has grown every year since we opened!  So, please do not think of us as just a small shop that can handle some jobs,  but as a full service facility that can handle anything you can throw at us.  I've  often said that you could give me the chance to have any mechanic here that I wanted, I would stick with myself and Jeffrey.  There is nobody better, in my opinion, than the two of us.  I am a Briggs and stratton  Master Service Technician,  Kohler engine expert,  Stihl silver certified,  Scag certified, and Jeffrey is better than me!  We're gearing up for a bigger and better year in 2024!   All we need is to fill that second shop with another ace mechanic and we'll be more prepared for the 2024 season.

   We put an ad out for a good mechanic and I beleive we have found him!  He joined the team for this season, and his name is Chris.  Great mechanic and a great attitude, just what we were looking for!  You see, there are fewer and fewer shops around these days and I find that our shop really does fill a void for repair facilities in the area. We 're now a full service shop.  We bought a new truck, new lift for the new shop and set it all up nicely.  We now have two big bays and two great mechanics to man them.  I am really excited about this season.  We are looking forward to servicing the towns surrounding us.  So now you know who we are. Stop by or give us a call to see if we can help you with your power equipment.  You will be met with a smile and a few kind works.

                                         Spring pricing for 2024

Each year we must review the previous year to see if adjustments must be made concerning the pricing of the services that we offer.  We try to be competitve with the other shops while ensuring that we make enough money to survive in this business. It is not easy.  Being a new owner, I learn more each year about how to go about this.  Each year many of our costs do go up.  It's the reality of the times we live in today.  Everything has gone through the roof!  Parts have gone up.  The cost to operate a business has gone up, truck expenses, fuel, utilities, and the pay rates, quite frankly are out of control!  When I worked in the shop my pay rate was $20.00/ hr.  That is minimum wage now!   The cost to hire a good mechanic has increased dramatically. To put things in perspective a pack of reeses peanut butter cups is over $3.00 now.  That said, I will list the basic charges for the upcoming season.  I made my own website so it may not be perfect but you will at least know what you are getting into when you come here.  These Prices will be effective beginning March first of 2024.  You still have time to take advantage of last years pricing until then.

                   Our hourly labor rate will increase to $110.00 Beginning on March 1st, 2024


  1.  The cost to service a lawn tractor will be $180.00 dollars plus parts.

  2.  The cost to service a garden tractor will be $200.00 plus parts

  3.  The cost to service a snow thrower will be $110.00 plus parts

  4.  The cost to service a push mower will be $99.00 plus parts

  5.  The cost to service a self propelled mower will be $105.00 plus parts

  6.  The cost to service a consumer Zero turn machine will be $190.00 plus parts.

  7.  The cost to service a commercial zero turn machine will be $300.00 plus parts

  8.  The cost to service a commercial walk behind mower will be $275.00 plus parts

  9.  The cost to service a chain saw will cost $99.99 plus parts

  10.  The cost to service a string trimmer will cost $89.00 plus parts

  11. The cost to  sharpen a saw chain will cost $12.00 off the saw and $18.00 on the saw.

  12. The cost to sharpen a lawn mower blade will cost $12.00 off the machine and $20.00 on the

        machine ( self propelled and push mowers only) . This can increase in certain cases.        

  13. The cost to service a rototiller will be $100.00 Plus parts.

                                                                Estimate Fees for 2024

      The fees for doing estimates on machines will be going up as well.  If you bring in a piece of lawn

       equipment for service only and we give you an estimate that you feel is not worth proceeding on,

       you will be responsible for an estimate fee and or a declined estimate fee. This fee will be :  

 1.  $65.00 for lawn tractors, garden tractors, snow throwers and consumer Zero turn machines

 2.  $50.00 for push and self propelled mower.

 3.  $75.00 for commercial zero turm machines and commercial walk behind machines

 4.  $50.00  for a saw or string trimmer.  

     Sometimes a customer will bring in a basket case to see what it needs to be functional again.

     This can be time consuming and the fee to do this type of estimate will be higher than if it were in

      for just a basic service.

      We will try and be upfront when we take the machine in and notify the customer of possible

      incurred fees.

      We must reserve the right to increase these fees under certain circumstances.

      All hand held equipment will require the estimate fee when the customer drops off the machine.


                                        Below is a list of the things we check while servicing a lawn tractor

Small Engine Repair

Unique shop. Low overhead. We have two people   with over 20 years experience. EACH! the service manager/head technician, Jeff does farm tractors, quads and dirt bikes. few boats too. Lenny is a briggs master technician, scag cert. stihl cert. We have the experience AND the low overhead. No store here, Just selling used mowers and doing any type of service you may need. WE truly do it all. here at Lenny's "getting it started is just the beginning!"

Some of the things we do around here

We have seasonal tune up specials on power equipment. Landscapers, we'll get you back on the road quickly. We 'll work any hours to accommodate special circumstances. Call for details This photo is from late January, 2020

Used Lawn Equipment For Sale

Here at Lenny's we try to keep a few good pieces of  used equipment on hand.  Everything we sell comes with a 30 day warranty.   the tractors are all serviced before they go out.  We check the belts, blades, battery and tune the engine. when a  used  piece leaves it needs nothing.  Turn the key!  Visit the photo page to see what's happening.  we have some really good lawn tractors for i'll try to keep current listings of units for sale in the photo gallery.